LMS (Light Melting Scrap)

Top-Notch Light Melting Scrap Suppliers

Amid Metals is one of the leading light melting scrap dealers and suppliers. We have been in business for over decades and have supplied light melting scrap to customers all over the world. We are committed to providing the highest quality light melting scrap at the most competitive prices.

Amid Metals is one of the Best Exporters, Suppliers and Dealers

We are an established company that specializes in the manufacture of light melting scrap and sheet, which is a kind of new building material. After being separated by a series of sorting operations, all of our consumer cans and packaging materials containing ferrous components are baled or compacted into bundles of varying sizes, ready to be charged into a furnace. Amid Metals is your one-stop shop for all your light melting scrap needs.

Get Light Melting Scrap and Become Rich

Amid Metals is the leading supplier of light melting scrap. We have a wide array of light melting scrap to choose from.

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Amid Metals © 2024. All Rights Reserved.